Founded in 2015   »HORIZON-TE« is an art team consisting of two individuals.

The fresh and innovative works are created by a qualified professional artist in collaboration with an inexperienced lay person in this field. They both live in Germany but come from different cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless they are driven by the same fanciful vision of peace on earth and like to contribute to the still small section of black & white artists.

In their works of Art, the Afro-US-American singer/songwriter Maurice Allen Lee and the German artist Sigrid Beuting reflect social and scientific developments in a local as well as a global context. Contemporary Art becomes their language to question historic and present events in a poetic and subtle way.

By implementing a unique combination of figurative and abstract parts, a dramatic use of light and shadow as well as by overwriting smooth picturesque areas with contrasting rough lines, their works evoke very associative, mysterious and enigmatical effects. Notwithstanding their use of ancient techniques like placing layers of oil color on top of gouache in combination with modern layers of photos, collages, assemblages, ink sketches , drawings & co. on the surface of the canvas creates a very special depth and closeness the spectator cannot escape.

S. Beuting, born in Haldern (Germany)
M.A. Lee, born in Oklahoma City (USA)